Meet the new Pope. Not the same as the old Pope.

Who is going to be the new Pope?  Wally, of course!  Some of the very first Wally cartoons were Catholic school oriented so it’s only fitting that this epic chapter in Vatican history be commemorated with a new Wally design.  I made a point to add holy water to my slip bucket when I threw these pots so they can be considered to be sacred objects.  (I think I worded that correctly so as not to get sued by the Catholic church) At any rate, you can snap up some mugs, plates and bowls with this design by jumping over to my online store.  Bless you!

Big news!  I’ve been putting in massive hours at the decorating table lately creating a whole new series of mugs inspired by David Bowie and Iggy Pop lyrics.  I started this project way back in June of 2011, but put it on the back burner because it was so time consuming.  Fortunately, my interest in this series resumed with a vengeance this month and I’m proud to say that I now have over thirty of these rock and roll pots out of the kiln and ready to offer to my fans.  These will only be available at my Etsy store starting on Tuesday, March 5th.  Since they are one of-a-kind items that cannot be duplicated, the Etsy site is the best place to sell them because the item goes away on Etsy once it is sold.  To get an early peek at some of these pots, take a look at my Facebook album.  And if you want to own one of these amazing works of art, set your alarm early on Tuesday, March 5th to be the first to get your pick of the litter!

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