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These are our most popular items.  It’s important to note that all the Wally designs are available on mugs, plates and bowls while the funnyware items are only available on the mug or bowl specific to the design.  In other words, the LSD bowl joke is only available on bowls, the “Holy Shit!” mug is only available on mugs, etc.

At the bottom of this page, there is a complete list our current top sellers.

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Wally discovers the true meaning of life (“BACON!!”)
Wally skips the fine print on the covenants, buys a house and finds himself a member of a satanic homeowners association
Wally joins the Tea Party because the brain-eating space monsters prefer the taste of smart people
Wally’s passive-aggressive solar home finally snaps and torches his neighbors’ mega-mansion
Wally envisions the day when he will get his medical marijuana, medical cheetos and medical Grateful Dead tickets all paid for by Uncle Sam
Scientists discover something that Wally has known for years: cat poop is a renewable energy source
A strict vegan diet, daily hot yoga sessions and seven years of therapy give Wally the ability to levitate and read minds
Wally inadvertently slips through a crack in the universe when he mixes Lunesta and Frosted Flakes
Wally goes to a party and realizes that he is the only one who is not on anti-depressants and it makes him sad
Wally becomes a vegetarian simply because he likes being asked stupid questions
Wally convinces Jesus Christ to come back one more time and raise The Dead
Wally outsources the tech support department with the cheapest labor source available: the lost souls of Hell
Wally confirms something he always suspected is true: Wal-Mart superstores are covert UFO refueling sites
Wally calculates his carbon paw print and decides to make the switch from canned dog food to the rabbit family that lives next door and drives a hummer
Wally gets the iPhone app that allows him to post the GPS coordinates of his leg lifts so he can post them on a new social networking site called “Critter”
Wally wanders into Jackson Pollock’s studio
Wally is diagnosed with a clinical case of caffeine dependency, thus enabling him to park in the handicapped spaces at Starbucks
Wally eats salsa and has a religious experience (best in bowl!)
Wally learns the true meaning of horror when his mom joins Facebook
Wally tries viagra and has one of those “call your doctor” situations
The real reason Wally drives a Prius? It’s a total chick magnet!
Wally realizes that the coffee he drinks is a sad metaphor for how complicated his life has become
Wally’s new mantra is “Friends don’t let friends eat trans fats”
Wally turns his poor housekeeping skills into a bold new venture: dust bunny sculptures

“Now it is time to tell you, there was LSD in the dip”
Jesus is coming and he’s bringing the bean dip
“Hey man! The cocktail nuts are history.”
Holy Guacamole!
“Feed the !#@**!! cat, already!!!”
Stop the War on Gluten!
Start your day with something wonderful
The pass in on party bowl
Mars needs guacamole
Weird guy cover box

Cool people club
“It’s decaffeinated!!”
Mercury is in retrograde!
Waring: today you are as young as you will ever be for the rest of your life.  (birthday mug) (available in plates!)
“Holy Shit!  That’s good coffee (M or F)
The queen of caffeine
I am powered by the strongest coffee on earth

Electric cars are good for the environment because electricity comes from magic
The best way to fix something is to bomb the crap out of it
The caffeine curve
I am your teacher and I want you to know that this will all go on your permanent record
Why we like Dad
Why I like cats
“Hey everybody!  I passed my drug test!!!”
Why I like babies
My cat is a psycho killer!
Every day is Saturday (M or F) (AARP retirement)
Spacey kindergarten teacher vs. grumpy republican
Is everybody totally psyched about the new socialist utopia?


Who needs sleep?
When I was your age we had to make our own coffee and it tasted like crap.
Fran had her skin dyed green to accentuate her love of Mother Earth and to show everyone that she was truly “going green”.
It’s time to get back in touch with our imaginary friends.

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