It’s time to buy your crazy sweetie an insane new coffee mug!!

I just rolled out the first kiln load of the year this morning and, while I didn’t specifically target these five new mug designs for Valentine’s Day, they do have an odd appeal for the V-Day gift shopper.  What’s the common theme?  THEY ARE ALL ABOUT CRAZY PEOPLE!!!  Yup, these mugs celebrate five different aspects of insanity so one or two of them might just be the perfect goodie for you to bestow upon your lovestruck significant other.  If this just happens to be the case, get your endorphin-crazed brain over to the funnymug section of my online store and make a purchase!  We can ship most items in the store ASAP for Valentine’s Day (February 14th). I’ll let the pics of these pots speak for themselves, but I would like to mention that the “I AM CARRYING BIGFOOT’S LOVE CHILD” design would be a most amazing gift for that mother-to-be with a significantly wicked sense of humor.  Am I right?!!!

(you can click on the pics below to see a larger image)

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