BIG NEWS!  I’ve been working like a madman on these new mugs for the past month and they are now for sale exclusively at my Etsy site.  This has been a really fun project and I’m looking forward to hearing the responses from my fans and collectors.  Each piece was inspired by an Iggy Pop or David Bowie song lyric and lavishly decorated.  The average decorating time on each mug is about two hours.  The reason to do this series was for me to develop a new method for decorating with new colors and new painting techniques.  The imagery was intentionally random and crazy, and I made some nice discoveries along the way.  I also listened to a ton of David Bowie and Iggy Pop songs while I was working.   I don’t think I could have done this with many other musical artists.  Those guys are two of my all-time favorite musicians.  And what timing!  This week, Bowie released a new album and it’s a really good one.

I’ll let the pics of these pots speak for themselves.  If you want to see the whole collection, zip on over to my Facebook album or my Etsy store ASAP as each piece is removed from Etsy once it is sold.  There are thirty of them in there at the time of this posting.  Hopefully, that number will diminish so I can do another wave of these mugs for my next firing!

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