Awesome Ohata Kaki Red Gifts!

We shipped out a lot of pots last week, and it’s been really rewarding to see that my ohata kaki red pots have a solid fan base.  I really like these pots and highly recommend them as gifts.  A handmade mug or bowl with a rich glaze is a great item to give or receive as a holiday present.  The eight inch diameter salad bowl (above) is a one of a kind and sells for $55.00 in my online store.  Here are some more iron red glazed gift ideas:

Here are three great mug shapes that we have in stock right now.  The “fancy foot mug” ($22.00), “morning mug” ($25.00) and “paddled square mug” ($25.00) may be purchased in sets, but be sure and email me first to see how many we have available.  I’m drinking out of a morning mug this morning…. really!

These 5″ diameter red altered bowls sell for $20.00 each and are perfect for cereal, ice cream, or serving bowls at parties.  The big red loop mug holds at least 14 ounces of liquid and sells for $28.00.  This is a great gift for a guy!

The “red handle jar” ($40.00) started out as a holiday gift idea my wife came up with.  She wanted me to make something to hold homemade fudge so I made a series of them for our friends.  This is the item that launched the entire ohata kaki line!  And I still have two of the “8 inch diameter serving bowls with handles” ($45.00) left.  These would make fantastic gifts.  We do “no frills” gift wrapping for just seventy-five cents!

And here’s a great combo for the “substance enthusiast” on your gift list: the ashtray ($18.00), beer stein ($28.00) and shot glass ($10.00) combo. Be sure and have a designated driver.  Cheers!

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