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Awesome Ohata Kaki Red Gifts!

We shipped out a lot of pots last week, and it’s been really rewarding to see that my ohata kaki red pots have a solid fan base.  I really like these pots and highly recommend them as gifts.  A handmade … Continue reading

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New red pots!

Last week’s firing yielded a wonderful set of eight pasta bowls that went straight from the kiln to my family’s dining room.  These bowls are nine inches in diameter and so far we’ve filled them with shrimp fettucini,  penne pasta … Continue reading

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“The Agony and the Economy”

Here’s a timely new Wally adventure!  With the economy and the debt ceiling front and center in the news today, it’s only natural that Wally should be riffing on this theme.  I love the fact that now, when someone asks … Continue reading

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The Mt. Saint Helens vocano ash mug

Here’s a new mug handle design that is actually an old mug handle design.  I used to make a lot of these “loop mugs” when I first started making pottery for a living back in 1978.  It’s got a really … Continue reading

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The first time I made an ashtray, my mom loved it.

Last week’s firing yielded some of the best ohata kaki red pots I’ve made so far.  The glaze surfaces continue to dazzle the eyes and I’m doing some bigger, more ambitious forms now.  The above cookie jar was actually promoted … Continue reading

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Square dinnerware!

Starting this week, the Evergreen Gallery is featuring two of my ohata red dinnerware place settings in their month-long “Dining on the Arts” show.  The square pieces above just came out of the kiln last week and they are part … Continue reading

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Red Pots! Just in time for Valentine’s Day…

Yesterday’s firing was a big success and the glaze surfaces on the pots turned out absolutely great.  I’m really happy with the new ohata kaki red glaze as it is wonderfully consistent from firing to firing.   On the past … Continue reading

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Ohata Kaki Red!

I always like rolling out the last firing of the year because it’s filled with unusual custom orders and the pots my wife and I give our friends for Christmas.  Over the years we’ve done some really nice items: corked … Continue reading

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