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“Theda Bara and the UFOs” – porcelain mug – $40

It’s a scary world out there, but I’m managing to find a lot of meaning in my work these days. My decal line never really took off until the past month or so when I locked in on some design work that relates to the pandemic. I’m putting the year 2020 on just about everything, because I see these pots as little documents of our era. I’m finally figuring out how to glaze the ware so the decals pop over the glazes. The work is selling really well, and I’ve got a nice rhythm of decorating on Monday and Tuesday, firing on Wednesday, taking pics on Thursday, and selling and shipping on Friday. The Star Trek design is by far the most popular, and we usually sell out of them in less than a day. I’m really excited about the next glaze firing because I’m locking in on some really successful glaze patterns and these pots look so good with out new photo studio. To see my most recent decal pots currently for sale, go to the “May 2020 Decal Firing” section of my store. Stay safe!

“Kirk and Spock’s Social Distancing Message – porcelain mug – $40
“Kirk and Spock’s Social Distancing Message” – porcelain mug – $40
“Kirk and Spock’s Social Distancing Message” – porcelain mug – $40
“Social Distancing Mug #4” – porcelain mug – $40
“Escape with Houdini and Maria” – porcelain mug – $40
“Barfin and Poopin on Trump mug” – porcelain mug – $40
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