NCECA cancelled.

“W.W.G.O.D.?” mug by Tom Edwards – $35

The coronavirus pandemic is throwing a monkey wrench into lives all over the world and mine is no exception. I was slated to give a lecture at the NCECA 2020 Ceramics Convention in Richmond, VA next week, but the conference was wisely cancelled. Hopefully, I’ll be able to present my lecture next year in Cincinnati, OH. I see myself as fortunate to have a backup plan for this milestone in my career. For those of you who aren’t part of the clay world, NCECA is like Disneyland for ceramic artists. It features lectures, demos, equipment and product booths, as well as a huge number of gallery shows. The Gandee Gallery was going to carry my work in the convention hall and I was excited to be selling my mugs there. They just put up a lovely online show and have an amazing selection of work for sale. I encourage you all to visit it here.

The title of my NCECA 2020 lecture is “Copyright 101 for Ceramic Decal Printers”. It’s a two-parter with the first half being my epic copyright battle with Tesla Motors and the second half being dos and don’ts for reproducing other people’s images on your ceramics. I’ll post a few pics from my slideshow below, and hopefully I’ll be presenting it a year from now.

Oh, and if you happen to want a nice little souvenir of my Tesla unicorn story, go to my online store where you can buy one of the famous electric car mugs. I’ve got over fifty of them in stock right now as I was planning on selling them at NCECA. I really appreciate the business!

Elon Musk and Tesla Motors used my farting unicorn image without my permission.
Here’s my vision board. Note the ceramic check for $1 million.
Fun fact: Lisa Prank is also a free-lance journalist and was on her high school debate team.
The first time I saw this tweet, Robin texted it to me as I was filling up my 2000 Toyota Echo with gas. It took me a few moments to realize that our little story was about to get big.
The CerPrint 3500 Ceramic Decal “True Black” decal printer with Tesla and farting unicorns.
“When Jerry Met Melania” mug by Tom Edwards – $35

Tom Edwards works out of his home-studio in Evergreen, CO. He’s been a full-time studio potter since receiving a BA in Art History from UC Santa Barbara in 1978. He considers it a miracle that he is known for his drawing.

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