It’s a new decade!

Wally goes to a Trump rally
“Wally goes to a Trump rally” – 8 inch porcelain plate – $35.00

Check it out! We coaxed Wally out of retirement to make a statement about Trump rallies. We’re still producing a lot of the classic Wally pots these days, but for some reason I’ve been at a loss to come up with many new Wally designs the past couple of years. Maybe this year will bring a renaissance for my imaginary dog-pal. We’ll see! This new design is available in mugs, plates and bowls in my online store.

“Find a man who looks at you the way he looks at his cell phone” – $30.00

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I made a few new love-themed mugs. Jump on over to the funny mugs section of my online store for titles like “HOT MESS”, “Find a woman who looks at you the way she looks at her cell phone” and the companion piece seen here.

“If you don’t vote, I’m pretty sure your dick will fall off” – $30.00

I made a trio of new political mugs to start the year: “How do you fight Vitriolic Hyperbole?”, “I want a president who ends each speech with a kick-ass karaoke performance”, and this little gem, “If you don’t vote, I’m pretty sure your dick will fall off.” It’s destined to be a classic. Give it to the man you love for Valentine’s Day and change the world, OK?

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