Here’s what’s happening for the holidays.


Season’s Greetings! We rolled out the last glaze firing of the year on 12/10 and we’re looking forward to shipping lots of pots this week. We have a pretty good selection of pots in stock right now so if you are just starting your shopping, you’re in luck. Everything in the store is inventory controlled so you can see what’s in stock and what isn’t. Not only that, but the store won’t let you buy something that isn’t in stock. The last day to place orders is Tuesday, 12/18. This is quite firm as the studio is shutting down for the year on the morning of 12/19 and we really really really won’t be able to ship any orders placed after Tuesday, 12/18. There isn’t a secret extra day built into this schedule. I’m outta here on 12/19. Got it?!!!

I’m super-stocked up on unicorn mugs, ornaments and oil bottles so if this year’s hottest item is what you are looking for, jump on over to the “Farting Unicorn” section of my store and we can ship within 24 hours of your placing of an order.  The “Electric cars are good for the environment because electricity comes from magic” mugs come in two designs and two sizes. As of Sunday, December 9th we have plenty of all four modes.



Cat bowls have been selling really well lately and this new design is a real hit. There are nine different cat bowl designs in my line and they range in price from $24 – $32 each.  As of right now we have all of them in stock in the “cat bowl” section of my online store.


Here’s a holiday favorite we always make this time of year. I’ve got eight coming out of the kiln tomorrow, but four are spoken for so no guarantees on availability a week from now.  You can find them at the top of the page in the funny mugs section of my store.


Here’s a whole new series of mugs I made, using a photo decal of Nikola Tesla and turning him into a wacky character who has crazy adventures a la Wally. Shown here is “Tesla buys a Tesla.” There are eight designs in all and you just gotta see them.  Titles like “Tesla’s Roomba vacuum cleaner video goes viral” and “Tesla takes Neil Degrasse Tyson for a spin in his flying hot tub” make these mugs pretty amazing gift items. We’ve got a limited supply but they are inventory controlled in the photo decal section of my online store so if you can buy it, we can ship it for Christmas.



My latest batch of one of a kind decal pots is getting rave reviews and people are buying them! I’m so excited about this process and will have a new batch of them out at the end of this week. Seen  here are four of my favorites that are still in stock. These are reasonably priced in the $32 – $50 range so jump on over to the photo decal section of my store if you want to get some really unique art items for people on your gift list. And here’s some cool news: I applied to a cup show at Clay Arts Vegas and was thrilled learn that two out of three of the cups I entered were accepted into the show. It starts on January 5, 2019. Here’s to a great new year!



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