Lobster Girl and The Big Red Sale!

This is what happens when you make pots just for the fun of it.  I came up with the “Lobster Girl” character last year and I really like the way anyone can make up their own story about her origin.  Was she a scientist who didn’t realize there was a lobster on board the first time she tested her matter transporter device?  Maybe!  We rolled out the first firing of the year last week and it included this art piece plus a few more Valentine’s themed mugs that were quickly sent off to the Show of Hands Gallery in Cherry Creek, CO.   The mug pictured above is for sale for $33.00 in my online store. Show of Hands has a really nice selection of my one of a kind art mugs right now.  I sent them the best remaining pieces from the Bowie-Pop mug series, along with this crazy one-of-a-kind V-Day gem:

So if “Love Monster” is too weird of a gift for your Valentine, how about a lovely Ohata Kaki red ceramic vessel?  I just discontinued a dozen items from my ohata red line and put them at “50% off” sale prices in my online store. There are some really nice mugs, beer steins, shot glasses and a few large bowls.  Be sure and note that quantities are limited on these sale items.   These prices are really good, so they probably won’t be available for too long.  Check ’em out!

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