Cat Bowls and Astrology Mugs!

This week’s firing yielded a nice assortment of new items.  Top of the list are four new cat bowl designs:  psycho killer, bad cat, happy cat and wild cat.  These bowls are approximately three inches tall and four and a half inches in diameter.  They sell for $29.00 each and can be purchased in my online store.  You can click on the pictures below to get a larger view of these items.  Check ’em out!

And due to the great success of my “MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE!!!” mug, I’ve decided to wade further into the murky waters of astrology with this year’s ambitious project: a mug for each astrological sign!  Rather than racking my brain to come up with all twelve of them at once, I’m taking each one on just before our planet slides into their respective houses.  First up is Pisces, February 19th to March 20th.  You can buy it for $28.00 at my online store, of course!

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