Road Rage Moms and Brain Eating Toddlers!

I threw this “car mug” shape a while back, but decided not to make it part of my regular line because it’s a bit too difficult to produce.   It fits in a car cup holder slot really nicely so the design I came up with is the perfect thing to celebrate all those women who take on the high stress task of ferrying kids around from place to place.  “AIN’T NOBODY GONNA BE SAFE WHEN MAMA’S GOT ROAD RAGE” is a limited edition design that’s only available in Wally’s Bargain Basement while supplies last.  They are a real deal at just $18.00 each, but don’t order more than the quantity it says are available in the online store.  I ain’t makin’ any more!

And here’s yet another entry in this year’s crazy theme, The Paranormal Testimonial Mug Series.  “The toddler who ate my brain” is practically the sequel to the wonderfully successful baby shower gift, the “I am carrying Big Foot’s love child” mug.  Also really popular in this series is our current top-selling design, “My cat is a psycho killer!”  Check them out in my online store!

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