The 2013 Holiday Ornament Contest!!!

It’s that time of year again!  It’s time for you, my customers to show us what kind of jokes you’ve got and what weird kind of ornament you want to hang on your tree this Christmas.  It’s been an amazing year for weird stories in the news, so there is lots of material out there for us to work on.  As always, the person or persons who come up with the best design(s) will win an ornament with their design on it and the bragging rights to having come up with this year’s winning design.  Here are a few guidelines for coming up with a winning entry:

  • Keep it simple!  I need to be able to hand-draw this design on a two inch diameter bisque circle.  Elaborate designs are too hard to reproduce.
  • Try to tie in the holiday theme.  The Balloon Boy joke above works so wonderfully well because it brings in the holiday verbiage.
  • Make it something that will just get better as the years go on.  What current event do you want to remember every year as you trim your holiday tree?

HOW TO ENTER: Simply email us your drawings, ideas, etc. to [email protected]

DEADLINE: Wednesday, November 13!  We’ll announce the winners in an email on Tuesday, November 19th.

Want to get some inspiration for this project?  Take a look at my line of ornaments (for sale for just $13.50) in my online store.

And here’s a new one for 2013: The Lou Reed memorial ornament!  I’m a big fan of his music and was impressed with the number of tributes to him around the world last week.  But it seemed kind of odd to see the mainstream media gushing about him with phrases like “he wrote about the dark underside of life.”  Actually, he WAS the dark underside of life and he was pretty mean at times, too.  So here’s my tribute to Lou:

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