Sleepless nights and weed-free food.

Check out these two new designs!  The first is yet another take on the timeless theme of not being able to sleep.  “SOMEBODY PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THE CURSE OF INSOMNIA!” is the perfect mug to drag into work when you’re dragging yourself to work after a rough night of unsuccessfully trying to get a good night’s sleep.  The artwork distills the insomniac’s early morning hell down to its basic elements: the night, a tired soul and that damn clock radio beaming the time out into the dead of night.  The red and blue lines were done with a sgraffito technique where the black underglaze is scratched through with a razor blade and then red and blue color is painted over the lines.  This awesome new mug is for sale in our online store, of course!

And here’s the perfect bowl to take to your next Colorado potluck!  With the advent of legalized marijuana here in the mile high state, it’s important to let everyone know that it’s just dried parsley in your yummy hummus on the communal food table.  This bowl holds about two cups, so it’s a good size for dips, etc.  Look for a larger size coming out next month.  We only made a few of them, but we will have more when our next firing comes out in mid-October.  You can purchase these world-premier items in our online store.

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