Mother’s Day, Teacher’s, Dad’s and Grad’s Gifts

We’re loading up the kiln this week with lots of pots aimed at the upcoming “appreciation holidays”: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the graduation season.  Here’s a rundown of our top gift items for these celebrations.  I highly recommend visiting the new section on my online store where you can see them all grouped together.  Here is a collection of pics of some of the items you can find there:

For Mother’s Day, this set of three nesting bowls is an awesome gift to bestow upon anyone who loves making food.  Yes it’s kitchen-y,  but they are such a treat to use and display.  If you like the look of this set, there are a lot of other great red pots in the Ohata Kaki Red section of our online store.  We’ve also got a slew of mugs that are perfect for Mom’s big day.  Here are three really good ones: The queen of caffeine, “Holy shit! That’s good coffee!” and “I am carrying Big Foot’s love child”.

We have two excellent teacher mugs that are great for the guiding light in your child’s academic world:  “I am your teacher” or “Spacey kindergarten teacher vs. grumpy Republican” could be the perfect item to show your kid’s teacher that you really appreciate the work that they’ve done this year.

For the graduates, we’ve got a couple of great mugs, too: “How many cups of coffee does it take to graduate?” comes in both male and female, and “Wally goes to college to play beer pong” is a custom item.  You need to specify the college he or she goes to so we can get the logo on Wally’s sweatshirt, and be sure to allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  We might be able to do it quicker if the kiln schedule allows.  SIDEBAR: I will be out of town the second week of May because my youngest daughter, Monica, is graduating from the University of Puget Sound with a BA in History.  She’s an amazing kid who took classes throughout Asia last year, met the Dalai Lama and climbed to Everest base camp, among other amazing adventures.  A week after graduation she begins the Teach for America program and next fall she’ll be an English teacher in Phoenix, Arizona.  Yes, I’m a proud parent!

And last but not least, our very best Father’s Day gift is the classic “Why we like Dad” mug.  It says it all!  Actually, practically my entire line is great for wacky Father’s Day presents.  For a super-deluxe gift, you could consider something from the new Bowie-Pop mug series. What could be a cooler gift for Dad than the “Chairman of the Bored” mug?

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