Four New Mugs!!!!

This week’s firing has a quartet of cups for your perusal.  First up is a brand new take on a tried and true theme in my life and work: sleep deprivation.  “The benefits of insomnia” boils it all down to three positive outcomes to a lack of Zs and a deficit of R.E.M.s.  Will people buy a caffeine delivery device with jokes on it about the joys of being exhausted?  Get on over to my online store and answer this question with your credit card.  Please!

As this lovely mug attests, the ohata kaki red glaze surfaces in our latest firing turned out practically perfect.   This 10 ounce cup is the new Kona mug shape and we’ve got over a dozen of them right now just waiting to be shipped.  You should get a whole set of them!  Follow this direct link to purchase this item.

Here’s a redux of a classic Wally design from the 1980s.  I used to make the awards for a track meet that had a logo with a nose, bushy eyebrows and glasses.  The inspiration for this joke came from the extra mugs I had sitting around after the order got sent off to the track meet promoters.  This Wally adventure does have excellent potential for sequels: “Wally has a beer with the 3-D nose from Dimension X”, “Wally catches a cold from the 3-D nose from Dimension X”, etc.

And in an oddly similar vein, “Wally encounters a black hole” is a variation on what happens when Wally’s two dimensional world is rattled by a powerful force from the laws of physics and/or a powerful plot device from a sci-fi movie.  Yes, that’s an indentation on the mug surface itself.  I suppose the next logical step in this creative design process is to have the 3-D nose from Dimension X and the black hole to meet and get married, or something.  Stay tuned!

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