Where did Mitt make you ride, Seamus? “Roof! Roof!”

You heard it here first: Mitt Romney just put Wally in the V.P. spot on his campaign ticket! April Fools!  Yes, this joke riffs on the now infamous Romney family summer vacation story.   In case you haven’t heard it, Mitt put his Irish setter Seamus in a cage on top of his station wagon and drove for twelve hours during which the poor dog got sick and made a mess all over the back window of the car.  The Republican presidential candidate has told this story with much glee in the past, but times have changed and now he is getting dogged (I couldn’t resist) by animal rights activists.  I’m not dishing dog dirt here, just celebrating a weird little piece of Americana and hoping to sell a few pots.  This timely design is available in mugs, plates and bowls in my online store.

And now, from the back end of the dog to the front end.  Ouch!  So here we have a shameless remake of the “Feed the !#!@*!! cat, already!!” bowl.  I’ve been getting orders for this variation of the classic bowl design from galleries over the years and now it’s available to my customers in my online store for $30.00.  It’s bigger than the cat bowl, measures seven inches in diameter and holds a little over two cups of food.  Bone appetite!

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