It’s Tebow Time in Wallyworld!

If you live in Denver, it’s almost impossible not to follow the local sports teams because the media here has a tendency to beat you over the head constantly with sports news. While I’m generally a curmudgeon about pro sports, I have to admit that the Tim Tebow story is really cool.  I love the fact that this goody-goody Christian kid who everybody said couldn’t win big is winning huge in the human cesspool known as the NFL.  It’s the mirror image version of the Tonya Harding story.  She was the bad-ass trailer trash girl in the rarefied world of figure skating and he’s the genuinely earnest and moral guy in the pantheon of thugs and jerks.  Things didn’t turn out so good for Tonya, and they might not either for Tebow, but right now he’s on a roll and it’s fun to watch.

So to commemorate this blip on the sports radar screen, I came up with a new Wally design for all the Broncomaniacs and Tebow devotees.  Seeing as I don’t want to have a bunch of these on my hands if Tebow starts to tank, I only made an initial two mugs and two plates with this design.  You can find them at The Evergreen Gallery, while supplies last of course.  And I’m doing the last firing of the year next weekend (12/4), so you can order as many mugs, plates and bowls with this design as you like at my online store and we can ship them out on Tuesday, December 6th.  I usually don’t care much about the outcome of football games, but this Sunday when the Broncos play the Chargers, I’ll be hoping for another jaw-dropping Tebow victory in the final minutes because I’d love to see the magic continue.  And I’d like to sell a bunch of pots, too…

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