Holiday Ornaments!!!

And the winner of this year’s holiday ornament contest is….. A TIE FOR FIRST!!!  I couldn’t decide between these two so I just picked them both.  The “Occupy” theme was our top entry category, with ideas ranging from “Occupy Bethlehem” to “Occupy The North Pole”.   The hook that worked for me was Marcia Hall’s suggestion that we put Wally under the tree.  When I thought of a dog and a tree, it just naturally led to my favorite dog whizzing on a Christmas tree.  And Anne Amerson sent in a slew of ideas, with radio evangelist Harold Camping’s over-hyped rapture predictions being the the one that fit nicely on an ornament.  I also really liked her suggestion that we do one with Charlie Sheen singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” (“Four call girls, 3 French whores, 2 illegal drugs…”)  That’s very clever, but really hard to draw on a two inch diameter ornament.  And honorable (huh?) mention goes to Pat Newman for suggesting I put the heads of Saddam Hussein And Osama Bin Laden on a pair of ornaments.  I really should have done that and brazenly sold them to the masses, but for some reason I seem to have a sense of standards and ethics these days.  I am such a wuss.  Many thanks to all of you who sent in your ideas.

These ornaments are available for a mere $12.50 in the “Wally Pins and Ornaments” section of my online store.  They are, of course, in limited supply!

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