Of Mice and Marriage

I had a good time doing the research for this joke.  Spencer Johnson’s, “Who Moved My Cheese?” is a widely popular motivational parable on how to deal with change in the workplace. I find it somewhat disturbing that the the animal Mr. Johnson chose to represent the lower echelon workers is the mouse.  Aren’t mice the animals we trap, use for experiments and get up on a chair and scream at when we see them?  And besides, the mouse metaphor was already taken to Pulitzer Prize winning perfection in Art Spiegelman’s, “Maus”.  But I digress.  The caption to this cartoon is “Wally learns that the senior management team is given the secret companion book for ‘Who Moved My Cheese?”  and is available on mugs, plates and bowls at my online store.  It would make a great gift for your boss, wouldn’t it?

And here’s a wild and wacky new mug that just came out of the kiln yesterday!  The quote comes from a Stan Ridgway rant he used to open his concerts with back in the 90s.  I listen to a lot of science programs on the radio while I work, and it’s pretty darn mind-boggling to think about all the amazing and scary stuff that will be coming down the techno-pike within the next hundred years or so.  Yikes! Again, this mug might be the perfect thing to sip coffee out of at work.  Especially is your workplace is a lab where they mix jellyfish and monkey DNA together!  Click here to buy one.

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