It’s a curse doing topical humor for a living.  When there is something really big and really silly in the news, people naturally expect you to do a joke about it.  But the problem with big silly news stories is that they generally tend to do the best job of making jokes out of themselves and anything you come up with is just redundant.  Charlie Sheen is a good example.  His recent flurry of rhetorical weirdness is totally incredible.  I just can’t top it.  And Donald Trump?  That guy is a human cartoon!  But I realized the other day that if I put the two of them together, it would make a nice little statement about the wonderfully absurd nature of insane blowhards with huge egos.  I love the fact that the blonde woman in the tiger print dress is holding a birth certificate.  This timeless celebration of crazy-ass narcissism is for sale right now in my online store.

Also new this week is Wally’s latest adventure: “Wally skips the fine print about the covenants, buys a house and finds himself a member of a satanic homeowners association”.  Here we see Wally about to get branded with a pentagram by his new neighbors.  I’ve heard a lot of odd stories over the years about how HOA members get drunk with power.  This design in a mug, plate or bowl would make the perfect housewarming gift for your friends who just sold their souls to the devil under the guise of “the perfect neighborhood to raise children, with homes starting in the low three hundred thousands”!

And last but not least, Wally’s take on the sleepy air traffic controller situation.  I love the fact that solving one problem (sleep), leads to a host of new problems (UFO sightings, imaginary flying hot dogs, etc.)  I only made a few of these and they are staring at the sky with their eyes wide open in my online store.

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