Grinch 2016 and Blazing Cell Phones!


This year we have two ornaments for 2016! “MAKE WHOVILLE GREAT AGAIN!”  is out of the kiln and ready to ship. You can buy it in the “ornaments and pins” section of my online store. While flying on a plane last week, I came up with a second timely design: “SEE THE BLAZING SAMSUNG CELL PHONE”. This one will be out of the kiln on Monday, December 12th but I recommend buying it now as we will have a limited supply of these and will be decorating more as the orders come in.


Right now we can make just about anything you want for the Monday, December 12th ship date. But in another week and a half, there will be a limited supply of my work available.  If you want to find out the availability of specific items, feel free to call (303) 526-7867) or email me to find out if a specific item is in stock.

And here’s some cool news: my studio colleague, Braxton Phibes is the featured artist this month at the Evergreen Gallery!  Here’s the lovely write-up they did for their monthly email newsletter. You can buy Braxton’s pots at The Evergreen Gallery or in his Etsy Store.





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“When they go low, we go lower!”


This year’s presidential election results were overwhelmingly sad for those of us who value honesty and integrity.  The bad guy won and we are now looking at a whole heap of ugly stuff to come down the pike for our country in the years to come. But it is going to be fascinating to see how artists and creative people rise to the challenge of questioning Emperor Trump’s new clothes. There is so much material to work with! I was really impressed with the way the cast of Hamilton spoke to Vice President-Elect Mike Pence the other night. So this is the mindset that inspired me to create my latest character: President Anus Face. These mugs were envisioned the day after the election, decorated last week and unloaded from the kiln just this morning.  You can buy them in my online store for $36.00 each.  To see all three sides of all six mugs, click here to go to my Facebook page. Here is a sampling of pics:


anusdevil3anusjesus1  anusjesus3anussoap3anusdivorce3anusteresa1anusteresa3

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My “Dewey Defeats Truman” Moment


Oh my! I took a chance on betting who would win the election when I decorated about a dozen of these ornaments last week, and boy did I lose the bet.  Wishful thinking will get you every time, I suppose.  I’ve been in a deep dark funk since Tuesday, but now I’m fessing up to my poor political prediction skills and offering this sad little relic from a reality that never was at a reduced price.  I did have a some fun including these in shipments to my wholesale accounts this week with a note saying, “Greetings from a parallel universe where Hillary won the election. So sorry to hear about things in your reality.”

11/14/16 News Flash: All twelve of these ornaments got snapped up by a shrewd Wallyware collector this morning! So sorry to disappoint those of you who are looking to buy some. -Tom

I’m really in a quandary about how to go about my political humor right now.  I’ve done a lot of jokey pots about Trump this year, and “Trump Coffee” has been my number one selling mug over the past six months or so. But now that Despicable Donald is going to the White House, I’m thinking that making jokes about the man who has the potential to bring fascism to America isn’t the kind of thing I want to trivialize. Time will tell. Look for a blog post coming in a little over a week with a series of wonderfully dark and bizarre mugs that I thought up this week. It was great therapy for me to envision these designs, and they could be some of the best pots I’ve done all year. Stay tuned.

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Crazy for Comical Cat Pots.


While I generally consider myself a “dog person”, I sure do make a lot of cat pots these days. Every glaze firing we roll out has dozens of cat bowls and cat mugs in it. Why is the market for cat pottery so good? Does the feline psyche, with its selfish and standoffish nature, make people more apt to try and buy their pet’s love with a funny fancy porcelain food dish? I don’t know. I just know that over the past couple of years, the increasing sales of these items has inspired me to comically catalog the feline personality spectrum. These pieces range in price from $20 – $30 and can be found in the “Cat Pots!” section of my online store. Posted here are the eight bowls, two mugs and one Christmas ornament that we carry. Who knows? If you buy one for your cat, he might reciprocate the kind gesture with a dead mouse or something.


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2016 Political Pottery Mania!


This is turning into a banner year for political pots for me.  The “Trump Coffee” mug continues to sell at a brisk pace and I just rolled out a kiln load with twenty of these new “Get on the Trump train!” mugs.  Fifteen of them have already been shipped out the door.  I’m really happy with these designs and I’m excited about their potential to be one of the weirdest keepsakes from one of the weirdest presidential elections ever. You can find all of the items listed in the blog post in the “New Items for 2016” section of my online store. Here’s the back end of the Trump train:


And for those of you who prefer your snark aimed at the left, here’s a new Wally design that puts Hillary Clinton in an orange prison suit AND the white house. It’s available in mugs, plates and bowls.


Wally also did a stint at Trump University, and here’s how that all worked out for him.


Oddly enough, we’re still shipping out some of these “I’m voting for Bernie” mugs.  I guess some people just can’t shake off the dream.


And last but not least, here’s the runaway best seller of the year.  “Trump Coffee” is the mug that sums up the year 2016. I look forward to making more of these over the next two months.  But after that, I really hope that this whole “Trump mania” becomes a thing of the past.



9/13/16 Post Script: Here’s a 14″ platter that just came out of the kiln and is getting sent to the “Plate and Totem” show at Blue Line Arts in Sacramento, CA. The show starts on October 7th and runs until November 19th.



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Creative Heaven and Potluck Hell


I’m having a blast making one of a kind art these days and I think it helps that these items are selling really well. This week’s firing’s magnum opus is “Potluck Hell”, a musing on the worst that could happen in a potluck salad situation.  It sells for $140.00 in my online store, and I’ll let the pics of the pot tell the story of this item:


Also available for $150.00 in my online store this month is my “Where do ideas come from?” cookie jar. This was made for last month’s “Roots in Clay” show and it’s my take on possible explanations for the origin of creativity.


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There’s a new kid in town.


I got an interesting phone call a few months ago from a soon to be art school grad who was interested in doing a classic apprenticeship with me in my studio. It was flattering as well as daunting, and as we got to talking I realized that I’m really not the type to take on an apprentice. Braxton, the student, was finishing his BFA at the Port Orchard College of Arts and Crafts in Washington state and he wanted to move to Colorado.  I thought about it for a week and offered him a reasonable deal renting studio space and staying at our house for the summer. In my mind it’s a better gig than an apprenticeship.


His first batch of pots came out of the kiln this week, and he’s got some really stunning glazes in his portfolio. I’m jealous! He’s taken a lot of glaze calculation classes, and in this area I’m the one who feels like the apprentice. These glazes are fired to cone 10 in an oxidation firing. Out of the thirty pots he had in the kiln, none of them had glazes run on the kiln shelves.


Braxton has a really great sense of humor, and we’ve been having some good conversations about what makes a hot selling coffee mug.  I told him how we have been making “Holy Shit! That’s good coffee!” mugs like crazy since before he was born, and he came up with this “BEST POOP EVER” mug design.  Funny guy!


He noticed that we make a lot of cat bowls, so he came up with this “EAT, SPRAY LOVE” design out of the blue. Damn! I wish I’d thought of that! If you like these pots, I urge you to go on over to his Etsy store and buy some.  They are all in extremely limited quantity, and just about each one is unique. His initial prices are pretty reasonable, but he says that he’ll be raising his prices as the quality goes up. I highly recommend checking out his “Scrambled Baby DNA” bowl series. It’s nuts! Oh, and another thing he has figured out better than me is his “artist portrait” photo (see below).



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Sexy Pots, Stupid Selfies and More!


The story behind this vase is a long one but I’ll try to make it short. There’s this potter in Denmark who is a total rock star on social media and I have a love/hate relationship with his work. His business is called “Tortus Copenhagen Ceramics” and he’s amazingly talented at creating sexy pics and videos of himself making pots.  I’m really impressed with his marketing skills, but his pots put me to sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a very skilled potter. But the way he uses a black tank top and big muscles to sell his work is a total joke.  So, I made a joke about it!


Why am I meditating inside my kiln? The Mountain Area Potters Gang is having a group show this month, and we were all required to do a “studio selfie” of ourselves at work.  I put the task off until the day of the deadline and the job of cleaning my studio seemed really daunting. But then I realized that the one place in the studio that wasn’t all cluttered at the time was inside the shuttle kiln. A change of clothes and fifteen minutes later I had my shot. I had never sat inside my kiln before and it’s wonderfully quiet in there! Namaste.


This cookie jar is one of the pots that will be featured in the “Roots in Clay” show. It came together really quickly. It was the last day of decorating for the show and I knew that I wanted to do a collage of images dealing with how we get our ideas.  That’s a muse on a pedestal and Lou Reed getting his songs from a “radio receiver” that he can turn on and come up with music like magic out of the ether. (I read a great interview about him one time and he claims to be able to tune into a magical dimension at any time and find songs there!) The jokes seemed to come out of nowhere as I was drawing this pot and I got small sense for what it must be to be Lou Reed. Creating this piece was a truly magical experience and I’m really proud to have it in the show!


For those of you who live in the Denver area, you are invited to come to the opening on Friday, May 6th from 4 – 7 p.m. at the Center for the Arts in Evergreen.  And on Wednesday, May 11th at noon I’ll be giving a one hour talk about my work the next week.  I’ll explain the process of how I make my pots and we’ll take a slide show trip down memory lane of my forty-five years of working in clay. There will even be door prizes! You can learn more about this interesting event at the Facebook event page.


And last but not least, here’s a cool art piece that’s for sale in the “one of a kind art pots” section of my online store.  “Why does the pizza emoji have a shadow underneath it?” is an original thought I had one day and I hope that this image puts a seed in your brain about the mysterious pizza emoji.  It can’t be balanced like that, so what’s going on? Is it falling from space and the image is the exact moment before it hits the ground?!!!


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Super Cat! Trump Coffee! Ransom Note Art Pots! Lisa Prank Pins!


It’s been two months since my last post here at, and I’ve got a ton of new items to show you! Fresh out of the kiln this week is my latest cat bowl: “Super Cat”. It measures five inches in diameter by two inches deep and sells for $26.00. You can find it in the “BOWLS” section of my online store.


Here’s a true runaway best selling design.  The wording says, “TRUMP COFFEE with Vitriolin. WARNING! Side effects may include: explosive narcissism, orange skin, lying, misogyny, chronic bad hair, sleazy business deals, racism and more.” When the first sixteen of these came out of the kiln three weeks ago, they sold within days via Facebook and a few select wholesale accounts.  We had 32 of them on backorder and the second firing contained over 60 of them.  As of today, I have just twelve left so if you want one ASAP, get on over to the “MUGS” section of my online store!


The past two firings have yielded dozens of great new one of a kind art pieces. I’m really enjoying exploring new design ideas and I think these are some of the best pots I’ve made in a long time. These mugs and bowls were made with a selection of varied alphabet rubber stamps and I call them the “Ransom Note Series.” You can see more of these in the new “ART POTS” section of this site.  Most of them are still for sale, and you can see what’s available in the “ONE OF A KIND ART POTS” section of my online store.





“What the heck are these?!!!”, you might ask. Well, this was a really fun project I did last week for my daughter, Robin who is a singer/songwriter in Seattle, WA.  These days she goes by the stage name Lisa Prank and she’s got an album coming out in June. “Starting Again”, the first single off the album has gotten great reviews from Stereogum, Spin Magazine and a host of others. It’s pretty darn exciting! She’s got a tour coming up next week that takes her all the way across the United States traveling with her friends and rising stars, Tacocat. So being the doting dad I’ve always been, I decided to get in on the fun and make some high-quality band merchandise for her to sell alongside her t-shirts and stuff.  These pins were made with good old cookie cutter technology and I’m really thrilled with how they turned out. I also did some mugs and bowls, which you can see here in this hastily shot pic I took on my arduous shipping day last Monday. It’s so fun to have a fellow artist in the family!



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It comes from deep within me.

vomitbowl                    I’m sick of politics these days. That’s what inspired me to make this bowl. It started when I made a list of “conservatives who make me puke” and I realized that I should channel those thoughts into some kind of art piece. I’m really happy with how this bowl turned out and I will be doing a second one for the Mountain Area Potter’s Gang show that takes place this spring.  This one is for sale for just $120.00. It measures ten inches in diameter and five inches deep. Also out of the kiln today are some new art mugs. These are one of a kind items that sell for just $36.00 each.

psychodeluxeM1psychodeluxeM2                     “I used to know him, he seemed like a regular guy”coolmomM1coolmomM3               “Cool Mom”                                                                      makemefeelM1makemefeelM3                “This is how you make me feel sometimes.”

There are more of these crazy art pots on sale now in my online store. As soon as they sell, we’ll take them out of the store so hurry on over if you see something you can’t live without!


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