Farting Unicorns A-Go-Go!


As you might guess from the look of this delightful art bowl, I’m going nuts with the farting unicorn motif. There is a new section in my online store entitled, “Here’s where you can buy the Farting Unicorn pots!” and it’s chock full of really nutty pots that all have my trademark flatulent mythical beast. “Why?” you may ask. “WHY NOT?!” is my answer. Right now there are thirty-two separate pieces in this section.  Some of them are stock items that we carry multiples of (electric car mugs, oil bottles, wine sippers and Christmas ornaments), but most are one of a kind artworks like the ones you see here.  I really think this is some of the best work I’ve done in a long time. My new online store has inventory control which means that once a unique item sells, it’s gone.  I’ve already had a couple of requests to duplicate items that have sold and I won’t be doing that with these pots.  They are really time consuming to produce and I don’t want to have to go back and try and make another. My apologies to the desperate patrons.  Below are some of my favorite pieces from my “crazy for unicorns” period.  I really appreciate the fact that they are selling well. Thanks, fans!






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