Laying an Egg for The Evergreen Gallery

I received a phone call last January from Valerie Howell, the owner of The Evergreen Gallery.  She was looking for an artist to paint an egg for an upcoming fundraiser for the Evergreen Downtown Business Association’s 3rd Annual Egg Painting Contest. I agreed to do it, and the next day I went skiing and came up with the idea for my egg: “Wally and the Easter Bunny ponder the transient nature of reality”.  I made an extra one just in case something went wrong, and it is for sale for $80.00 in my online store. The Wally egg will be on display along with twenty other works of egg art by local artists at the Evergreen National Bank in downtown Evergreen during the month of April. There is a contest for the best of show, and I’m hoping that Wally makes it on the podium.  More on this story as it develops.

The Evergreen Gallery has been carrying my work for over fifteen years now, and it always has an excellent selection of my pots on hand due to the fact that my pieces are on consignment and it’s easy for me to drop by and give them my latest designs.  Valerie Howell and former owner Meryl Sabeff both have an excellent eye for art and craft and the selection of artists is outstanding.  It’s well worth the drive up to Evergreen to see what they have on hand.  For those of you reading this from outside of Colorado, the best way to visualize Evergreen is to think of the TV show, “South Park”.   Co-creator Trey Parker grew up in nearby Conifer and the small town in the show is an homage to our fine mountain community… really!

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