Gallery Shout-out: Sticks!

Sticks is more than a couple of great galleries in Des Moines.  It’s more than a team of over one hundred artisans producing spectacular furniture and objects decorated with heartfelt imagery.  It’s a force of nature.  For those of us who make a living in the fine craft world, Sticks is the pinnacle of what a fine craft business can be.  Started in 1992 by Sarah Grant, the company derives its name from the found wood it uses to create its objects.  From it’s simple beginnings as a candlestick and holiday ornament line, Sticks has risen to the level of design team nonpareil as evidenced by the installation pictured above.  “The Furniture City Sets the Table for the World of Art” was collaboration with Sticks and Stephen Fry, president of The Concept Design Group.  It sits atop the Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids, Michigan and took 8th place in the 2009 ArtPrize competition.  Who says crafts have to be humble?

Sticks has been carrying my work for over eight years now and they are a steady, dependable account.  Wally’s finest hour with Sticks came in January of 2004 when they had me come up with a couple of custom Wally adventures for the Iowa Caucus.  We shipped out just two dozen pieces, and we should have made more.  Sticks is located across the street from the state capitol and the response to these pieces was amazing.  They sold out very quickly.  The media folk liked the MTV joke, and the Greenpeace design was presented in public by Sticks to the Governor of Iowa.  It’s a real honor to have Sticks carry my work all these years.  And if Stephen Fry and his design group ever need another concept for a bridge or something, Wally is available!

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