Nuclear Fusion, Evil Robots and Morning Coffee.

While the real showpiece of last week’s firing was my fan offering to Todd Rundgren, we did get some other great new items in this latest kiln load.  Seen here is the latest TMBG design, a vase inspired by the song, “Why Does The Sun Shine?”  This original work of art is available in the TMBG section of my Etsy shop for a mere $30.00.  This month all of the TMBG mugs and Art Pots are on sale for a whopping 25% off. These items are all one of a kind and will not be duplicated, so now is the time to snag some of the finest work I’ve ever made.  Really!

What’s this?  A NEW WALLY ADVENTURE?!!!  Yup, Wally just bought one of those new toasters that connects to the internet and it’s surely a harbinger of horrible things to come.  We’ve got just a few of these in mugs and plates, so hop on over to my online store and grab a few before the robot overlords take over and banish all jokes about evil machines taking over the earth.

Hey!  You’ve seen this design on a bowl before, right?  We keep getting orders for it on coffee mugs, so now it’s a new mug design.  I guess you can’t argue with the sentiment.  If you want to drink your morning coffee out of one of these, get on over to my online store.

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