One Giant Leap For Mugkind.

Today marks the official debut of my 2015 New Year’s resolution.  Each week for the entire year, I’m going to release a mind-blowing one of a kind mug inspired by a They Might Be Giants song. Why am I doing this?  It’s a great way to jump start my creativity and turn out some really interesting pots.  My intention isn’t to recreate the songs as much as use the lyrics as take-off points for crazy designs.  The mug above comes from the song. “Kitten Intro.” All I can say about it is that I love the words, “easy-listening Nazi rock band.” You can purchase these items at my Etsy store. Pleaswe note that if you don’t see the one you like there, it means that we already sold it to some lucky collector.  These mugs will be released at approximately 8:00 a.m. each Monday so stay tuned for lots of wild designs in the upcoming year. The five mugs in this post are available NOW!

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