Limited Edition Valentine Art Pots!

We rolled out the first firing of the year yesterday and I’ve got some great new items for sale. My New Year’s resolution is to make lots of ambitious one-of-a-kind art pots and there were over two dozen of these in the latest kiln load.  The two themes I’ve been working on this month are: 1) Valentine’s Day and 2) They Might Be Giants songs.  I’ll save the TMBG mugs for a later post, because I’ve got a slew if crazy love mugs for your perusal and V-Day is right around the corner. Most of these pieces are extremely limited in quantity so if you see something you like here, jump on over to the Valentine’s Day section of my online store ASAP.  If we’ve still got them in stock, you’ll find them there. These pieces are insanely labor intensive, so I probably won’t be making more of them. I’ve got some even wilder ideas for the next firing!

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