See My Best Mugs At Show Of Hands!

I’ve been really diligent the past few years making these one of a kind art mugs, and they’ve been selling pretty well in the deluxe funny mugs section of my online store as well as in the handful of galleries that carry them.  At $35 to $50 a pop, I’m not getting rich making these pieces.  The one above took over two hours to decorate with another hour of clay work, etc.  But I love the process of creating them and I get a thrill every time someone buys one because it’s my ART as opposed to my LINE OF POTTERY. We just sent a great selection of these pieces to Show Of Hands in Cherry Creek, CO.  They have been doing an excellent job selling my art mugs this year, so this week I decided to set them up with a great selection of these pots for the holiday season.  And now that my art mug supply in the studio is low, I’m inspired to make some more!

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