A New Mug, A New Bowl And A New Broken Arm!

Unfortunately, that headline is not a joke. Last weekend I tripped on a poorly designed speed bump in a cross walk and I managed to fracture my humorous bone in four places.  On Thursday I had two hours of surgery to install a titanium plate and screws.  It looks like I’ll be laid up for a few months.  Fortunately, I have full use of my hands, but throwing pots is out of the question for a while now.  We’re going to limp through a glaze firing in the next couple of weeks, and then I’ll just have to see how out goes with wheel work in the following months.  I’ll post something here when I’m able to throw again.  Below is the scene of the crime.  I swear, those bumps should be painted yellow instead of white:

Here’s a new design that came out of last week’s firing: “I forgot to tell you… This dip was infused with pot.”  It’s a variation on our wildly popular “LSD in the dip” bowl and it sells for $34.00 in our online store. Also new this week is our new mug for teachers: “This school would be a great place if it weren’t for all the !#@**!!! students!!”  It sells for $28.00 and we have a limited supply of them. You can click on the pics below to see close-ups of the design work.

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