Weed, Fracking, UFOs and Doganetics!

YIKES!  How could we have known that all the pot smoke floating around Colorado would mix with all the fracking fumes and wake up Ganjamora, the giant monster that old time prospectors used to howl about around the campfire back in the 1800s.   Man, if there was one industry I would credit for inspiring this design, it would have to be the ad companies that are currently flooding our Colorado airwaves with commercials designed to assure us that fracking is good and wonderful for all of us.  If they have to spend so much goddamn money convincing us it’s perfectly safe, I’ll bet it isn’t.  But enough of my soapbox, you can buy this little soapbox of a joke on mugs, plates and bowls in my online store!

We had so much fun making last month’s tomato art pots, I created a few more pieces that are variations on the themes explored in this series.  These mugs are one-of-a-kind items and can be found in the deluxe funny mug section of my online store. If you don’t see them there, it means they have already been sold.  My favorite is “DOGANETICS”, based on the all-time best selling book by L. Dog Hubbard:

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