NEW STUFF! Custom platters and the 2013 Big Chili Cook-Off awards.

I just rolled out a glaze kiln yesterday with some great one of a kind pots.  One of my wholesale accounts received an order for some platters with classic Wally designs on them and I’m really happy with how they turned out.  We do these platters on a custom basis and they are for sale for $85.00 in my online store.  It’s fun to come up with the decorative motifs for the borders and I like having more space to draw the designs.

And one of our yearly rituals here at Wallyworld is to create the awards for the Evergreen Big Chili Cook-Off.  This is a great local event that features live music, firefighter competitions and lots of great chili.  I started making these awards about eight years ago, and they are now a time-honored tradition with the locals.  My favorite joke this year?  The Restaurant awards feature all the amazing things that will happen to the winners of these awards: getting a key to the city, your name in a local paper, and the world-famous environmental artist Christo, wanting to fill Evergreen Lake with millions of gallons of your chili!!!!

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