Why does that man sit on his porch and drink coffee all day?

The idea for this mug came in an email from one of my customers:

Dear Tom:

For years I had a “Sleep is for wimps” cup at my desk at Intel. I was appropriate since I would arrive by 5:00 am and usually depart around 7:00 pm (such was the life of a facilities manager). Now that I’m retired my mantra is “Every day is Saturday” (my working neighbors hate me when I use it as my reply to their inquiry into how I’m doing in retirement).  Maybe you can use this line for a cup for all the new retirees joining my ranks.

Gary Gibbs
Portland, Oregon

What a great story!  I’m truly honored to have had my work on this man’s desk and I hope this new mug has the kind of cartoon he was hoping for.  I had to throw in my take on retirement because my coffee table has been littered with AARP magazines and AARP junk mail for the past few years.  I love the way some of the articles in these publications are downright moronic (e.g. “How to pick a secret password for your online accounts”)  So much for the worldly wisdom that comes with age, eh?  This mug is available in both male and female styles at the online store.  Now, go mow the lawn or take a nap or something!

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