Maybe I should change my name to "Joe the Potter"

I’m really jealous of this Joe the Plumber guy. Can you believe how much media attention he is getting? I’m googling the news every day to see the latest developments in his story. The most recent is an online effort to get him to run for congress as a Republican in 2010. That’s a brilliant idea! Now we have a trend in the GOP to launch candidates who are woefully unqualified for the job, but super flashy in the “fifteen minutes of fame” department. Isn’t it reassuring at a time in history when we are facing a lot of really scary Gordian knots in just about every aspect of our society, that we want “real” guys and gals like Joe and Sarah to help us try to untie these knots?

But it’s a shame that Joe doesn’t have a plan to cash in on all this notoriety because he obviously needs the money to pay his back taxes, gas for his SUV, etc. I really identify with Joe’s dream of making more money because that’s one of the issues I deal with all the time as a self-employed studio potter. Right now I’m looking for ways to increase the visibility of my work on the web and this blog is, apparently, one of the ways I can increase my “searchability factor” on the internet. Just yesterday, I googled the words “The Caffeine Curve” to see what kind of buzz is out there on one of my top selling mug designs. I was amazed to find that the graphic I had made for this mug was posted on literally thousands of blogs and websites all over the world. I left responses on some of these blogs, thanking the writers for sharing my joke with their readers. I also mentioned that these mugs are for sale at my website. I know, leaving comments on blogs is a lame way to hustle my pots, but it’s a start. The funny thing is, a half an hour later I got an email from a blog poster in South Africa asking if I can ship my work to him there. Wow!

So now I’m looking at Joe the Plumber’s overnight fame and thinking about ways to try and get the world to beat a path to my door. Any suggestions you folks out there might have would be much appreciated. I realize that getting famous can be a Faustian bargain. It could be a problem that I don’t have a valid potter’s license and I might have some overdue library books out there. The media can be a vicious pack of wolves if it decides to turn on you. But at least I have a way to make a buck off of it all. So far, Joe the Plumber hasn’t gotten that far.

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2 Responses to Maybe I should change my name to "Joe the Potter"

  1. Kelly says:

    Your blog is awesome!

  2. Anonymous says:

    OK, but as Joe the Potter are you willing to set aside any morals you have for your 15 minutes of fame? Ahhh…. I thought so 😉