Unicorn farts, etc.

Last week’s firing had a lot of new items, and I finally got them all loaded into the online store!  This first mug is a fun one: it’s a dense collage of some of my favorite images with the words, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” on the front.  You can read into it whatever you want here (and that’s the intention), but my take on it is that we live in a world where there we have lots of free will and a there are a ton of places for your mind to go.  Anybody out there care to give me a better explanation?

Next up: a new Wally design!  I admit it, this is a bit of a “soap box” statement about multi-level marketing systems.  I’m always amazed with a friend or acquaintance will try and sell me something like “Juice Plus” and it’s totally awkward for me to turn them down.  So Wally has found a canine get rich quick scheme:

The inspiration for my latest funny mug came from a dismal op ed piece about fracking, the environmentally unfriendly way to get coal out of the ground.  Since half of our electricity comes from coal, the electric car isn’t quite as magical as it seems.  This mug is selling really well in my online store, and I figure anything with rainbows and unicorns has to be a hit!

And last but not least, a cool new deluxe funny mug that takes paranoia to dizzying heights.  I’ll let the mug speak for itself:

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