It’s Tomato Time!!!!

Last year I was invited to participate in Nashville’s craziest art festival: the Art and Invention Gallery “Tomato Art Show.” ┬áMy sales for 2014 were a resounding success (all 18 pieces sold!) so this year we are back at it with a crop of 30 pots that are even better than last year’s batch! Most of what we sent this year are mugs and beer steins, but the showpiece item is the “Tomato Party Platter” seen above. I reused a few of the best design ideas from last year’s crop (Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” with a tomato was too good not to do again), and I managed to come up with great new stuff:

Seen above in this group shot is (left to right), “The heirloom tomato is gonna rise again!”, “Fried Green Tomatoes”, “Mystical Tomato Predicts”, “Dancing Bloody Mary Ingredients”, “Hot Tomato” and “The Screaming Tomato.” I had so much fun making these pots! If you want to see the whole batch, you’ll need to get yourself down to Tennessee this weekend for the opening.

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