Wally Goes Gluten-Free! + New Astrology Mugs!!!!

Hooray!  The drought for new Wally material is over!  The start of this design came last weekend, when I was at a party talking to a woman who owned a gluten-free bakery in Seattle.  I was enjoying hearing how she ran her business, but on the back of my mind I really wanted to ask her if she had bought into that whole GLUTEN IS SOOOOOO BAD FOR YOU! mindset.  I’m glad I didn’t take the conversation in this direction, because I might have gotten on my soapbox about how tired I am of diet Nazis who have a giant list of things one shouldn’t eat.  But the gluten bug got stuck in my mind and I realized that this topic has to be covered in Wally’s world.  So here’s my lighthearted poke at people who rave about how great they feel now that they’ve sworn off so much of the food I love to eat.  This design is available in mugs, plates and bowls in my online store, of course.

And I’m halfway through my design challenge for 2014: to come up with a mug for each one of the twelve astrological signs.  The process is a lot of fun.  After researching the alleged personality traits of the astro-archetype, I pick a famous person from history and put together the imagery.  My favorite moment in this sometimes arduous task came when, after reading that Leos love to party, I found out that Andy Warhol was indeed a Leo!  So here are the six I’ve done so far.  You can click on the thumbnail pics below to see a larger image.  Cool B-day gifts, huh?  They are begging for you to buy them in my online store.

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