What if they had an election and Mercury went into retrograde?!!!

Here at the Wallyware headquarters, we are always searching for new niche markets to cater to.  Over the past few years, Robin (my oldest daughter) has helped me appreciate the wild and wacky world of astrology and tarot cards.  I still don’t believe in this stuff, but I fit the profile of a Libra perfectly.   So I guess half of me is buying into it while the other half is viewing it with a skeptical eye.  The Mercury in retrograde phenomena is a really fascinating concept.  What’s really happening is that the planet Mercury is moving backwards in the night sky.  But what astrologers say is happening is all kinds of mayhem: things break, people have trouble communicating, and everything has a tendency to get all wonky.  I love the idea of a “the shit’s gonna hit the fan” event that can be predicted just like clockwork.  So when is the next time Mercury goes into retrograde?  Tuesday, November 6th: the day of the election.  YIKES!  You heard it here first. Tell everyone you know that they only have 18 days to prepare for the worst and they can purchase one of these new mugs at our online store.

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