“The plate’s the thing”

I’ve been doing Wally cartoons for so many years, when somebody asks me if I’ve done a Wally cartoon about a specific topic I’m sometimes uncertain whether or not I have.  Has Wally ever had a Shakespeare adventure?  I’m pretty sure he hasn’t, and I’m surprised it took me so long to do a joke about The Bard.  It’s such a fertile ground for Wally humor: a poodle on a balcony barking out, “Oh Wally-O, Oh Wally-O, Where art thou?”  The canine humor possibilities here are huge.  I did the above design for  The Blue Heron Gallery in Ashland, Oregon as per their request.  They’ve been doing a great job selling my work this summer, and Ashland has a Shakespeare festival with plays and events happening from June to September.  If this design gets a good response, I’ll probably do more jokes like it.  So if you happen to go to Ashland some day, be sure and drop by The Blue Heron and use that “Oh, Wally-O where art thou?” line when you walk in the door.  I’m sure they’ll love it.

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