CONTEST: How many pots are in the kiln?

With all the small items I’ve been making lately (e.g. shot glasses, tiny plates), my kiln has been densely packed to the roof.  Every available inch of space is utilized and it’s fun to roll out the finished product.  I’ve gotten in the habit of posting pics of the finished kiln on Facebook, and yesterday I decided to make it a contest to see if my friends could guess how many pots were in the kiln this week.  The winner gets a shot glass, and the deadline is Monday night at midnight.  The pic above is of great help, but I should warn you that there are pots on the second level that can’t be seen.  Good luck!  You can post your answers on the Facebook thread, or simply email them to me through my contact page.

03/01/11 – Congrats to fellow potter, Kathleen Laurie for coming within 4 pots of the correct answer: 254.  I think I’ll be doing more of these contests in the future, so friend me on Facebook if you want to get in on the fun!

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