New Year’s Resolution #1: Build a new website!

Welcome to the new Wallyware website!  Our old website at will be up for just a few more weeks as we load all the content on to this one.  I really like this new domain name as I can’t tell you how many times in the past six years I’ve had to say, “It’s wallyware, spelled W-A-L-L-Y-W-A-R-E dot B-I-Z, that’s Z as in zebra.”  And this WordPress software is really easy to use and update.  Kudos to my oldest daughter, Robin for encouraging me to try this and then spending a day of her time to help me put it together.  She’s really sharp with this stuff and deserves a lot of credit for the look of this site.  It was wonderfully fun to collaborate on the graphics and layout with her.  Thanks, Robin!!!

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