Custom dog bowls and milk bone jars!

Dogs love Christmas: the family spends more time in the living room, unattended food gets left out on the coffee table, and above all, everyone gets presents.  This year your dog has an amazing opportunity to receive a gift that says so much more than that generic chew toy purchased at PetSmart at the last minute.   I’m talking about a custom made dog bowl and/or milk bone jar with your dog’s name and personal logo painted on it.  I just threw some fancy milk bone jars and blank bowls in two sizes (7″ diameter and 5.25″ diameter) and they are ready to be personalized for your mutt.  Here’s the design we did for our dear dog, Ivy The Wonderdog:

Pretty cool, huh?  I’ll do just about anything you want on these bowls, but please don’t expect me to do a portrait of your dog because dog portraiture isn’t my forte.  I made just a few of the milk bone jars and here’s what they look like without the decoration:

Is this the perfect gift for your pup?  If so, simply hop on over to our online store and place an order.  We are doing a firing every other week so the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.  Oh, and we do make something for cats, too:

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