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The Mt. Saint Helens vocano ash mug

Here’s a new mug handle design that is actually an old mug handle design.  I used to make a lot of these “loop mugs” when I first started making pottery for a living back in 1978.  It’s got a really … Continue reading

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BBQ tools, bummed-out birthers and drug-crazed air traffic controllers!

This week’s post has a trio of odds and ends from the world of Wallyalia.  First up: an item that’s going to make all you Wallyheads out there drool with envy because it’s not for sale! This one of a … Continue reading

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You can be one of the first to own this authentic commemorative war mug.

In the documentary, “Fast, Cheap & Out of Control” lion tamer Dave Hoover explains why those in his profession use a chair to keep the lions at bay.  It turns out that the cat brain can only focus on one … Continue reading

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FINALLY!  A new Wally cartoon!  I’d been beating my head against the wall for a long time, trying to come up with a good Tea Party joke and nothing seemed to hit the mark. This weekend I was brainstorming ideas … Continue reading

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Square dinnerware!

Starting this week, the Evergreen Gallery is featuring two of my ohata red dinnerware place settings in their month-long “Dining on the Arts” show.  The square pieces above just came out of the kiln last week and they are part … Continue reading

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CONTEST: How many pots are in the kiln?

With all the small items I’ve been making lately (e.g. shot glasses, tiny plates), my kiln has been densely packed to the roof.  Every available inch of space is utilized and it’s fun to roll out the finished product.  I’ve … Continue reading

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What do Bob Weir and Johnny Knoxville have in common?

The holiday season is always nuts for custom orders here at Wallyworld.  At the last minute, fans of my work decide that they want something wild and funny for their loved ones and I get all these crazy emails requesting … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

We just rolled out the first firing of the year and I’m really excited about making pots these days.  This week I’m throwing a whole new line of Ohata Kaki Red functional ware and it’s wonderfully fun to have a … Continue reading

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Ohata Kaki Red!

I always like rolling out the last firing of the year because it’s filled with unusual custom orders and the pots my wife and I give our friends for Christmas.  Over the years we’ve done some really nice items: corked … Continue reading

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Here’s a great last minute gift suggestion: a Wallyware gift certificate!

If you’ve got a total Wallyhead on your gift list and you aren’t sure which design to choose, here’s the perfect way to thrill them: a Wallyware gift certificate!  I just added some gift certificates to my online store and … Continue reading

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