Trump family ski vacation! Who’s in?


You heard it here first:  The older Trump kids planned a big ski trip in Aspen this week and they didn’t include little Barron.  And it’s his birthday tomorrow!  What a bunch of selfish siblings.  I just hope Mr. President has some big kick-ass party planned at the White House.  If he forgets, it’s his fault, not mine as I sent him not one but two postcards reminding him of his son’s birthday.

The other big news of the day is that this is the last postcard I’ll be posting on this blog for a while because I have a kiln coming out tomorrow and I want the front page of this website to have pots on it instead of all these snippy political postcards.  But rest assured, I’m still doing a postcard a day and you can see them all on my Facebook album, “Postcards To Trump”.  Thanks for following this crazy little side trip into political humor!

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