This is definitely one of the weirdest design ideas I’ve come up with in quite a while.  For the record, I didn’t think up the words for this one.  That credit goes to my wife, Lori.  We were having dinner with our daughter, Robin and I don’t exactly remember the context of the conversation but when Lori said, “They find live sheep inside sharks all the time” Robin and I both laughed a lot and marveled at what a weird picture that sentence paints.  So many questions!  How does a shark come in contact with a live sheep?  Can sheep hold their breath for days at a time?  It all just boggles the mind!  So a few weeks later, I immortalized this story on a mug and now it’s for sale in my online store.  I only made four of them as I’m not expecting it to be a runaway best seller, but you never know what hits with the public these days.  I sure like it a lot and I’m drinking my coffee out of one these days.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and my weird pots (see above) would make great gifts for your weird dad.  This morning I put together a “Father’s Day Gift Ideas” section in my online store.  It’s got over twenty funny pots that just might be the perfect item for you perfect pop.  All of these items are in stock (as of today) and ready to ship.  We even do “No Frills Gift Wrapping” for just 75 cents, so get on over and get your dad something fun!

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